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There are many companies that work in the country and are part of the automotive industry, but none equals Peru Rent a Car in car rental in Lima. Is experience a key factor of our success? Of course it is! With more than 25 years of uninterrupted work in the national market, understanding our clients has become essential to not only see income in every deal, but also to offer people the best experiences. We are here to assume that responsibility with quality and efficiency. Are you interested? 

Car rental service in Lima 

Born with the mission to meet the requirements of our customers, we serve one of the most important areas in Peru: the personalized car rental or “rent a car” (by its name in English). According to the Tourism Portal, this market still has “enormous potential” in the face of international competition. It was even revealed that rental rates are among the lowest in the region, at least in Lima. So if, at the beginning of 2022, the outlook is undoubtedly one of the most promising in recent years.

It is under this context that we developed the best plans and services for you, segmented in two groups: rental for a natural person or for companies. Each one presents slight but important variations. Why is this? Because we cannot classify all the public in the same way. The needs are different, as are the experiences. For the same reason, we offer car rental in Lima with personalized experiences to make a difference on wheels. Some of them are:

Services at Perú Rent a Car

  • Transfer inside and outside the city. We offer a service with punctuality and efficiency. This service can be hired for hours or days in high-end cars, 4X4 vans, Vans, Sprinter, Minibuses or Buses. Doing it is easy. Enjoy the best experience, feel the difference. 
  • Availability of drivers. We have qualified professionals to make short or long transfers, the language difference will no longer be a problem! If you need a bilingual driver during your trip, then this service is for you. 
  • Attention to special events. Our special event coverage ranges from airport meet and greet, hotels, meeting points, caravans, tours and more. We invite you to become our next customer. The decision is in your hands.
  • Delivery of vehicles. The delivery of the units will be done immediately, prior coordination and payment of the service regardless of whether it is for a natural person or a vehicle rental at the corporate level.
  • Additional benefits. At the user level, the additional benefits are: baby seats and bicycle racks. All duly disinfected respecting the biosecurity protocols that the global context demands. Guaranteeing the correct functionality of the rented vehicle.

What are the rental conditions?

Unlike in other provinces, car rental in Lima is much more straightforward and not as complicated as with the competition. We always try to give more than usual, to serve the public with responsibility. That is why our rates include the corresponding insurances for each unit; regarding the previous conditions, the person or company that wants to rent a car in Peru Rent a Car must present the following documentation:

  • Valid driver’s license.
  • National Identity Card (DNI)
  • Passport or Alien Registration Card.
  • Credit Card with available funds (from US$ 800 to US$ 1,500).

Similarly, other conditions that the renter must meet are that he/she must be over 26 years of age, pay in advance to secure the reservation of the vehicle or van, be responsible for any damages that may occur in case he/she travels with pets, and sign a prior contract to guarantee the conformity of both parties. Last but not least, in case of an accident, call Peru Rent a Car immediately to reach a conciliation and cover the repair costs.

Our fleet of vehicles 

Prioritizing the comfort and elegance of having a modern and exclusive car in their hands, is that our work does not end with the rental, but in the experiences that they can have with the company. That is why we have for you the best quality and guaranteed vehicle fleet, duly insured due to the national situation. Our service car rental in Lima includes the brands that dominate the automotive market: Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, Chevrolet, Honda, BMW, and others. Do you have some of them in mind? Make it happen with just one click!

  • Toyota Yaris 2020. It uses gasoline as fuel and has a capacity limit of 5 passengers per trip. Its gearbox is automatic. 
  • Toyota Fortuner. It has a capacity of 7 passengers and its gearbox is mechanical. It is a more complete and elegant model with a higher price.
  • Nissan Versa. Elegant and exclusive model of the brand. It uses gasoline as fuel and has a capacity limit of 5 passengers. 
  • Hyundai Van H1. Large vehicles that use gasoline as fuel. It has a capacity of 11 passengers per trip. Its gearbox is mechanical. 
  • Hyundai Santa Fe 4×2. Ideal for family trips. They use gasoline as fuel and allow up to 7 passengers per unit. It presents much more striking colors but just as formal. 
  • Land Rover Discovery. It employs an automatic gearbox and has a capacity of up to 5 passengers per trip. It presents a friendly design for all public, with dark and gray colors.

Let experience be your guide

Click Here Click here and discover all the information you need about car rental in Lima. Ask now for our catalog of services. We have the most modern fleet of cars to meet your expectations. Call us at 946 222 946 or email us at to live a different experience. Find us at Jr. Las Colinas 110, Of. A1, Monterrico Sur. Santiago de Surco. Peru Rent a Car, personalized service according to your requirements.

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