Car rental in Lima for companies: the best vehicle fleet

car rental in Lima

Renting a car has never been so fast until now, all thanks to the accessible steps that Peru Rent a Car offers to our clients and potential clients. We work at a national level, guaranteeing services for the personal and private sectors, working with the best companies in the country. Take advantage of the car rental in Lima that we have for you and enhance your institutional image for your workers. As easy as selecting a vehicle, choosing a date and driving! Learn how in the article we prepared for you.

Car rental in Lima for companies

Corporate events are defining moments in the business world. Whether it’s a conference, a business meeting or a celebration of achievements, choosing a luxury car to transport executives and participants can make all the difference in the impression left. Lima, the capital of Peru, is a vibrant and sophisticated place that offers a wide range of car rental in Lima for businesses/companies. What differentiates Peru Rent a Car from the competition?

Peru Rent a Car offers you the best. We have cars from the best brands such as:

Mercedes Benz (Armored)

Live a completely personalized but, above all, safe experience, aboard a reliable Mercedes Benz brand unit. We have modern models capable of transmitting power and elegance on wheels. We even have armored units model S500L and similar to give you that extra something you need for your clients. Introduce yourself and reflect confidence. 


You also have at your disposal BMW brand vehicles, characterized by opting for more avant-garde models during the production of their bodies. They achieve this thanks to the use of technology, thus amplifying their range of increasingly attractive and resistant models. Transport with elegant cars, sports cars, trucks or hybrids. You make the final decision.


Car rental in Lima from Peru Rent a Car also brings you Chevrolet brand models such as Suburban or similar. Travel to the destinations you want, transport your staff safely or pick up that important client at the airport. Aboard a Chevrolet you will never be late to your destinations again.


Ford models are characterized by their strong link with technology, advances in innovation and comfortable handling. Over the years, the brand has been in charge of continually innovating so that both drivers and occupants feel safe. They are one of those that best work on their technical sections, going one step ahead in fuel performance and sustainability.

Toyota (Armored)

Reliability is one of the strongest points that Toyota has as a brand. The Japanese company has an important presence in the local market, being one of the most in-demand vehicles within the car rental service in Lima. Its excellence is based on the use of quality improvement tools and methods. All of this helps it make more attractive and reliable cars.


Quote, evaluate and select the Hyundai brand car that best suits your personality or the image of your company. Its name alone is already synonymous with automotive modernity, this is because it has units that are proof against anything. As its slogan already warns: you will be able to drive to your destination, now and always.

Contact with Peru Rent a Car

Learn more reasons to car rental in Lima on our website, get to know us now by Click here and discover the entire variety of cars we have for you. You can also call us at 946 222 946 or email us at to live a different experience. We are located in Jr. Las Colinas 110, Of. A1, Monterrico Sur. Santiago de Surco. Peru Rent a Car, personalized service according to your requirements.


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