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At Peru Rent a Car you will find the best private service car rental Lima airport. With more than 25 years of professional experience serving the needs of our clients, we offer the best guarantees so that each of your trips will serve a different experience. Do you need to make a reservation for work purposes but don’t know how to do it? Find out in the following article and offer an exclusive transfer from any of your pick up points. 

Attention to special events

As part of our line of work that is segmented by individuals and companies, we have the “Special Services” section. Place where the car rental for airport is cataloged, serving the coverage that your institution manages according to the requirements previously agreed protocols. Other situations that are also catalogued in the same box are: coverage and pick up to hotels, executive meeting points, caravans, business trips and others. 

But it doesn’t stop there. As we say, it’s all or nothing. So under that ideology is that we put at your disposal our complete catalog of bilingual drivers, ideal to give a different air to the coverage you intend to make with the car rental Lima airport. Their verifiable experience makes them the human personnel qualified to attend to your needs and give you a suggestion or two about the places you plan to visit within the capital of Lima. They dominate all kinds of terrains and vehicles! Safety is more than guaranteed. 

Car rental airport in Lima

We are more than a company that manages services for the car rental industry, we are a family that works for and for the comfort of other families and corporations. We all need to move around and at the same time, feel safe during the trip. Achieving this in a city as chaotic as Lima is already an achievement, so guaranteeing your protection and that of your collaborators from one of the busiest points such as the airport, represents a victory for us. Trust is served, you only need to discover it to gain a powerful partner.

That is why, answering the question that gives sense to the article, we can say that unlike other companies that handle the same business, in Peru Rent a Car we do not complicate the procedures to our users and potential customers. On the contrary, we guide them to make the best decisions, always taking into account their needs and what they are looking to cover with the car rental Lima airport. Some of the aspects that should be taken into account before making the contract are the following:

Rental conditions

The renter must be older than 26 years old and pay in advance the rental fee to secure the reservation of the vehicle or Pick Up truck. In addition, he/she must carry: valid driver’s license; National Identity Card (DNI); Passport or Alien Registration Card and Credit card with available funds (from US$ 800 to US$ 1,500). Likewise, you will also be responsible for what may happen in case of accidents during the trip. In case of an accident, call Peru Rent a Car immediately to reach a conciliation and cover repair expenses.

Exclusive service with Perú Rent a Car

Unlike our services for individuals or families, the car rental Lima airport responds to the most exclusive treatment for companies as it is of a working nature. This fact leads us to be much more cautious at the time of furnishing the vehicles or, in case of your preference, to drive them through our trained drivers. Driving through the streets has never been so safe until now, and that is because we adapt our rates to the needs of each of our clients.

Why rent a car with us?

Peru Rent a Car offers you a personalized service according to your requirements. We provide attention in events with or without drivers, and leaving aside the cost for individual or corporate rates, each of the vehicles that make up our fleet respond to the biosecurity parameters necessary to take care of your health in times of global pandemic by the Covid-19. Our focus is and will be the customer’s comfort. That is why we work to make each of our services unique.

Finally, you may be asking yourself: Why rent a car? Wouldn’t it be much better to have your own fleet? The expenses generated by a single unit of last generation do not end at the moment of the purchase, but it goes beyond with the periodic maintenance, refueling and in general, all kinds of unforeseen events that may occur associated with the payment of insurance. Our deal goes beyond, rent cars and feel them as yours. Undoubtedly, it is ideal for those companies that wish to free themselves from economic, administrative and operational burdens with contracts for months and even years.

Contact us 

If you want to know more about Lima airport car rental, just Click Here and you will access directly to our website, ask now for our service catalog! Call us at 946 222 946 or write to us at to live a different experience with each of our vehicles. We are located in Jr. Las Colinas 110, Of. A1, Monterrico Sur. Santiago de Surco. Peru Rent a Car, personalized service according to your requirements.

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